Loved up

I had a small obsession with the adorable and delicious wee cakey shops (patisseries) in France... I couldn't go past one without stopping in to get a box that had an assorted selection of delicious and beautiful treats and Macaroons were always my fav - YUM!  After seeing Callum make them on Masterchef I have been wanting to make them but they look so complicated and you always hear disaster stories.  Anyway this weekend I am going to attempt these gorgeous heart shaped macs from this gorgeous blog.  I will let you know how I get on.  I am trying to be optimistic so I envisage they will just look just like hers - yeah right!


I did it!

from this.........

to this!

I'm still not 100% sure but hubby, Mum and friends love it... not very 'natural' like I was after but fun for a change!

PS: Sorry for the lack of blogging, it recently came to my attention that specific people who know me (who I would never guess where interested in my life) are reading my blog and that totally creeped and weirded me out.  But on reflection I'm now thinking bugger them, blogs are public places and I am not giving up something I, and my friends and family, enjoy.  So a special 'hello' to those nosey parkers - you like my hair?



I have done it.  I am officially going to be a student again and it feels fantastic, and a little scary.  It's part time as the kids are still quite small and I don't want to spend too much precious time away from them. Bachelor of Visual Arts - here I come!  I seriously can't wait to learn how to use Illustrator and Photoshop correctly, and learn.  Appreciating to learn, how thrilling!  I have created a couple of logos and website's for friends & family recently and can't wait to learn more and grow my passion into a career.


Red, or not to Red?

After reading Corrie's post yesterday, then seeing these gorgeous photo's here today - together with a hair appointment booked for Tuesday I feel like a change.

As a child my hair was strawberry blonde/brown.  I never liked it as it was so different from others so in my teens I dyed it dark brown and early 20's I got blonde highlights.  Then when I got engaged I got this urge to go natural, so I grew it out and this is what it was like at my hens do just before I got married {excuse the dodgy pic but it shows my hair colour the best}.  When I was showing this to my husband he said for the first time ever that he likes it best this way.
After growing it out for so long after the wedding I went drastic and got a short haircut with a darker red,  this pic is taken at my baby shower {sorry for another dodgy photo, again I am normally the one taking the photos so there are not too many of me!}
So I feel the clouds are aligning for another drastic change and I am keen to try out a colour similar to these:


Matilda's Kite Party

This post is a little late!  We threw Matilda a Kite Party at the Lake for her third birthday (in October) and boy 'o' boy was it fun.  Sadly it was a little too windy and cold to start with but luckily it warmed up towards the end and it didn't affect the littlies having tons of fun.  It was a bit of a mission to get everything to the lake, but the up side it was so super easy to clean up!  I did plan to dress a table beautifully with buffet labels & banners that I had designed but it was so windy they would of blown away.  I stressed out thinking what a disaster but my easy-going and lovely hubby whispered in my ear that 3yr olds are not so worried about pretty tables, and I agreed.... so just let it go :-(

Typically I was so busy having fun that I didn't take enough photos of the details I had worked so hard on... but here is a quick run down on what we did:

We firstly assembled the Kite Kits but it was just so windy it was really hard work.  I ended up making most of them myself and then the kids decorated them with felts and stickers.  Afte that they had a wee play at flying them and then sat down to a picnic lunch.  I purchased little silver lunchboxes and filled them with sammies, popcorn, grapes and a carton of juice.  Then it was treasure hunt time and I had made little bags of sweets for each child and put them in a basket that was hidden in a massive tree which had a little cave in it.  They loved the Treasure Hunt - it was a great success.

first Treasure Hunt clue

Then it was time for the sweet food & cake.......
Choc Pops

Choc Pops

The Cake!  (My cousins wife made it and it turned out fabulous)
I did manage to take a pic of the cookie I made for the kiddies to take home

A pleasant suprise

I have never really liked cats.  My Mum dislikes them strongly which is probably why.  Her Mum didn't like them either as when she was growing up in Scotland the cats would come inside and snuggle up to sleeping babies to keep warm.  They had a friend who's little baby was suffocated by a cat sleeping on it in the cot.  Hideous story I know but due to that we have never had a cat.  

Then yesterday Matilda's god-mummy surprised the littlies with THE most adorable kitten whom we have named Jimmy.  I am so suprised at how much I love him already. The littlies, especially Mack, are besotted with him.  He has spent most of his time under the lazyboy and comes out now and then for a cruise and play.  
Mum is away but I text her this pic and her reply was "Your off your bloody head".
I'm sure Jimmy will melt her heart soon enough!


Cute Sandals

Darling Santa, I have been a really good girl this year and would love some of these super cute sandals from Ruby... pretty please with sugar on top?  Angie  xx


December 1st

This is a big call but I have come to the realisation that it is just as exciting being a parent at Christmas, as it was being a child.  To watch Matilda this morning as she woke then ran to the Advent Calender to see what the Christmas Fairies had left was magical! Even more so seeing the thrill of excitement when she saw a chocolate treat and found a wee note telling her that tonight when Daddy gets home we are going to the Christmas Tree farm to pick and collect and decorate our Christmas Tree!  It makes us so happy to be creating our own wee family traditions......
Matilda in charge of 'the stick'
Found it!  Matilda (surprisingly) accepted the boy's offer for a ride...
but then wanted Daddy to jump on too!
Then it was time to go home and decorate our lovely tree... Ryan had the special job of placing the Fairy on top, and Matilda and Mummy were on lights.....


After all the hard work was done we made the most DELICIOUS hot chocolate by mixing 300mls milk, 100mls cream and heating until boiling, then take off heat and add 100gm of good quality chocolate and whisk.  Once chocolate is melted pour into cups and add marshmallows.... yummo.  Warning: It is quite rich (and fattening!) so you only need a small amount, we used expresso cups.

W E   L O V E   C H R I S T M A S!!

First Santa Encounter

We had hubby's work Christmas Party in the weekend which really started to get us in the Christmas spirit.  Matilda was overjoyed when Santa walked in with a sack of presents.  She stood patiently whilst he read the names and handed out the gifts...
still patient but getting a little distracted....
then finally the second to last present comes out and Santa call's her name......
WAHOO!  Look at the joy on her face, priceless.

{The next day she spotted another Santa at a Department Store and she asked me, "Why is he a different Santa Mama?".  I was actually stumped with what to say and the best I could come up with quickly was that Santa has lots of helpers.  Immediately after my reply I wasn't happy with my answer... What do you tell your kiddies?}


My dream is soon to become reality...

I love really good chocolate, especially Lindt.  For awhile I have followed bloggers in the States who talk about S'mores and I have dreamt about making & eating them.  Don't the look just devine?   YUMMO!  Lucky for me my dream is soon to become a reality as I just ordered  Graham Crackers from this seller on Trade Me.  They are not cheap but since I have been dreaming of these for so long it will be worth every cent.  The only problem is they might taste as good as they look, and then I will have to keep buying! 



Matilda started Kindy today and was a superstar.  She LOVED it and I was so proud of what a wonderful day she had and the lovely comments from the teachers about what a confident and happy wee girl she is *blush*.  I was so teary after dropping her off, and then watched the clock to pick up time.  My wee girl is growing up and I just want her to slow down already!  Tonight at story time in bed I told her that she was getting too big too quick and could she please just stay small forever?  She replied "but I want to get big Mama.... but okay later on I will get small again for you"... so adorable.  


Introducing... Talking Carl

While I adore my iphone I haven't really got into the whole application phenomena.  Don't get me wrong I think it is awesome technology but I have friends & family who are constantly on their ap's and showing others and lets just say I'm not so keen on that.  I do enjoy a good game of Doodle Jump if I'm bored waiting for an appointment, but I generally check my emails or text.  Matilda uses it the most playing games, educational might I add!  BUT the other day I heard about the Talking Carl ap.  It is super silly, but super funny, and has us all in fits of laughter.  It's def one to pass on so check it out for a giggle... and I have been caught talking to carl by myself a couple of times!


Choc Chip Cookie Dough Balls

It was Matilda's birthday party yesterday and it was so much fun.  I love organising parties and adore seeing her enjoy it with all her little buddies.  I will post pics soon but in the meantime here is something super yummy to make and EAT!
I got the idea from here.  I didn't follow their recipe as I didn't have pudding mix so I just made my tried & tested Chewy Choc Chip Cookie recipe.. rolled the dough in balls and put in the freezer.  Then when frozen pop a stick in and dip in melted chocolate... easy peezey!  They were a hit with the Mum's at the party and I still have a few in the fridge... but not for long!   Enjoy :-)


Family Meal Monday: Tuna Tagliatelle

I love cooking yummo meals for the family but sometimes I get a bit bored cooking the same things so I thought I'd share a them with you in case your feeling the same and need some inspiration!  This first recipe is VERY popular with everyone in our house, its super easy and freezes well.  I originally found it in an Annabel Karmel book but I've whipped it up so many times now I know it by heart.  It is definitely a family favourite!

Right click and save or copy image then you can print and keep in you recipe folder ready to make!


Cute Bob

We have had a super cruisy weekend here at Millar HQ...

Mumsy & I went to the theatre on Friday night - very cultural of us don't you think?  We saw 'Biography of My Skin' by Miranda Harcourt and it was really really good. It was super thought provoking and had us crying and laughing!  

I took Matilda to the pools on Saturday morning, which is always fun, then we had lunch at the mall and got her hair cut in a cute wee bob which so suits her (and is so easy, no ties or clips!).

I hope you all had a cruisy weekend too :-)

PS:  Don't forgot to visit Li'l Magoolie for a chance to win a 'Dancing Dollies' canvas!


Lil Magoolie - GIVEAWAY

The fabulous Maddie over at Lil Magoolie has reviewed our 3D Canvas Art and is giving one away!  Visit her blog to find out how to win.  GOOD LUCK.


It's Pie time

It's been raining here off and on all day today so we had a cruisy family day at home...  I was treated to the biggest sleep in I have ever had post children, 9.30am would you believe!  After a yummy brunch we visited the Grandies then came home and I finally gathered the energy to clean my office and a couple of cupboards that were in dire need of some organising (it always amazes me how satisfying organising & cleaning is).  Anyways we have just put the kids to be and I whipped up a delicious 'Creamy Chicken & Bacon Vege Pie' which was yummo.

(A pie isn't a pie without decoration!)
Vege goodness (with a dash of cream of course to make it delish)


{SUPER COOL PARTY} - Amelia's Cooking Party

We are so lucky that we get to see such gorgeously styled parties here in blog land....!!  My oh my, there are some lovely ones but my fav's are simple, stylish & sweet parties like this party thrown by Pauline from The Party Studio for her 5yr old daughter.  It is utterly devine!

I love a clever theme and this is an fabulous idea...

Minti Threads

I wouldn't say I have a particular style that I follow to dress the children but I, like all Mums, I want them to look cute.  They def don't have designer wardrobes but I do adore the sweetness and classic look of Country Road. What I am LOVING at the moment is bright colour and kids can pull it off so well, and luckily my wee darlings really suit colour.   The Minti range this season ROCKS!  I was lucky enough to win a voucher at Chocolate & Chilli so after a spot of online shopping yesterday these arrived on the doorstep super early this morning and I love them, ROCK ON SUMMER!


'Dancing Dollies'

I am so happy and proud to announce the launch of my 'Dancing Dollies'.....

This unique and gorgeous piece of art would look perfect in any little girls nursery or bedroom. This design is stylish, timeless and fun!
Printed on the highest quality canvas using non fade pigment inks. The Dollies heads are handmade with gorgeous wee felt hats, plaited hair & embroidered eyes.
Each canvas is individually stretched around a box frame (3 sizes available) and is delivered ready to hang.
Proudly designed and handmade in New Zealand.
© White & Bright Design. All rights reserved.

I originally hand painted this for Matilda's room (see here) when she was little and then went on to paint another for my god-daughter and then more for other wee girls of friends.  I loved making them but they took quite a long time to paint and then I had others asking to buy them...  so I decided to get sorted to get them printed on canvas to save time, and then I of course hand make their heads...  and I am thrilled with the end result!

If you would like to purchase please either go to Etsy, Online Shop or Felt.

Please join us on Facebook for updates and giveaways!

I'm back.

After a 8mth blogging holiday, well to be correct I should say a holiday from blogging!   I have a new venture and most importantly a new camera.  My camera got booze spilt on it at my cousins 21st in January and it has taken me this long to get a new one.  It has been a long cold winter here in New Zealand and my youngest Mack has had a terrible run of sickness and sadly is not a great sleeper.. plus my hubby is working away from home during the week so I have been bogged under with life BUT I am just about to launch the new shop with some gorgeous products and spring is here.  I'm really excited about a lovely long and fun summer...... and me getting more time to do what I love!



I love to support handmade.  Which is why I love to shop here. Kristin from Squidgyums made a couple of these great sleeveless hoodies for Mack that are great for between seasons.  They wash great and he looks super cute in them.


Valentines idea....

My hubby and I have always had a rule that Valentines Day is not about buying gifts, but after seeing this cool photo here I would break that rule!  Sadly I am still carrying excess baby weight but next Valentines I am so going to visit the super clever Karyn from Photofever to get him on of these....


My 2010 Mantra

Instead of resolutions this year I have decided on an everyday Mantra......


I LOVE to be organised so when I got back from holiday I was feeling totally and utterly overwhelmed as I had a. a messy office, b. a trillion 'to do's' and c. a kazillion emails to reply to.  My head was spinning with things to do and I was also desperate for it to clear so I could function!
I then stumbled on the wonderful Sarah's (Style Me Gorgeous) blog about getting sorted in 2010, and the tools to become one.  After reading the 'Sunny Mummy' blog I got TOTALLY inspired to get organised and have spent my minimal free time in the past week getting together a folder with lists & plans in it to help me become a 'Sunny Mummy'... and I feel SO much better...  My 'to do' list is still massive BUT it is all in order so come Monday morning I am attacking it in a presise manner and tomorrow I am going to have a lovely day with my family not worrying about what needs to be done :-)
If you, like me, love to have things in order and function better with a clear head head over to Stacey's blog to have a look... become a Sunny Mummy now!

Felt. Like something different.

I am lucky enough to be a part of this wonderful website felt - a super cool place to purchase and sell HANDMADE design and craft online... Check our my store.

Christmas & NY

HAPPY NEW YEAR all!  I hope you all had a great Christmas & NY.  Matilda LOVED the excitement of Santa and it was so much fun creating the magic with her...
We spent tons of time at Mum and Poppa's chilling and swimming in their gorgeous pool which Matilda LOVED!  She now jumps in with her floaties by herself and swims to the steps, independence is RIFE at the moment and although someone is always in the pool with her we are not allowed to assist!  She squeals with delight the whole time and I can't wait to next summer when Mack can join her :-)
Then it was off to Hawkes Bay for a week leading up to my cousin Bonnie' 21st, which was super duper fun as expected.  I got to have some great girly time with her shopping for her dress (which she looked stunning in, shes in the pink)
 It was super cool to catch up with all the family.  I did a wee speech and was the official photographer so once my duties were over I had a great time on the d-floor and as per normal at families parties I drank way too much (not that I can remember but the way I was feeling the next day said it all!).  
My cousin JP and my hubby sharing a beer & a laugh at the 21st